“Here is a fine novel, written with grace… a frontier saga, a love story, and an epic of many small pleasures.”

Joshua Ferris, author of And Then We Came to the End

Latest from the Spinning World

Messy and Snowy

This site is undergoing a winter update, and may display frustrating tendencies toward mess and chaos. But I assure you it’s much less annoying than the Farm of Cold Comfort, seen below, which has recently experienced frozen pipes, barn flooding, flagrant indoor dog-pooping, a population boom among voracious, bulb-eating voles, and a recalcitrant old-school oil furnace which quit, and then required a six-hundred dollar part, when the outdoor temperature was in the twenties. Therefore be gentle with judgment of this site, and pity us, Cold Comfort denizens, who must always stand tensed for the next disaster.

So. Many. Writers.

Just returning from the Associated Writing Programs 2015 conference in MPLS, where I successfully avoided many events I was duty-bound to attend in favor of reconnecting with a handful of the funniest, kindest and smartest folks I know: Peter Ho Davies and Lynne Raughley, Allyson Goldin Loomis and Jon Loomis, John Brandon, Molly Atwell…I also got to read to and hang with a bunch of undergraduate charmers at University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, where people brave the slings and arrows of Scott Walker and fight the good fight for imagination and education. Also: coupla CRAZEE spider monkeys at the Como Zoo in St. Paul. Bumpy plane ride, but peaceful heart.

An idea about Wisconsin

In a couple of weeks I’ll be in Wisconsin to give a reading in the excellent undergrad writing program at UWEC–that is, if Gov. Scott Walker hasn’t totally dismantled the state’s educational system by that time. I’m really looking forward to supporting the dedicated and talented faculty there–Allyson Goldin Loomis and Jon Loomis among them–who are fighting the good fight for the Wisconsin idea. Universities are not–or not only–meant to train workers: they promote an educated citizenry and the ideals of informed dissent, democracy, inclusion and enlightenment.